Discussion, transparency and responsibility are prerequisites for sustainability communication — especially in the field of renewable energy. For the Biogas association, we developed dialog-focused campaigns, print media, exhibition stands, training materials and signage. The nationwide campaigns had to address special situations and sensitivities on the ground — through discussion, transparency and responsibility.

We developed campaign formats such as the Biogas Tour: for three months, a team of biogas experts toured throughout Germany on a biogas bus. Local people, media and representatives from politics and business were informed about the potential of biogas use — over 40 events took place in cities, towns and biogas plants. For each event, the organisers were provided with specially developed brochures, flyers and publicity.

In addition, the biogas association organises the largest trade fair and conference in the world. We designed print media, including conference brochures, invitations, posters and adverts for this event.


  • _ Kommunikationskonzepte
  • _ Corporate Design
  • _ Kampagnen
  • _ Editorial Design
  • _ Messedesign
  • _ Printmedien
  • _ Leit- und Schilderdesign
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